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Parish Council Web Sites

We have been fortunate to work with a number of parish councils providing them with online services from new web sites, hosting, domain registration and e-mail accounts.

Unfortunately like much of the web site design industry, there are some companies who seem keen to provide a poor service at an extortionate price. This seems to include some local authorities as well who are willing to charge upwards of £600 a year for a basic web site. This is of course a large sum considering the budgets that some parish councils have to work with.

We have developed engaging and well designed parish web sites which are informative for the users whilst providing easy to use administrative tools for clerks. This includes online calendar systems, document management (for agendas and minutes) and contact forms.

Each of our web sites is fully supported so clerks can contact us at any time via live chat, e-mail or telephone should they have an issue. We also provide a manual with each web site which is unique to that parish's web site. Step-by-step instructions and supplemented with screenshots taken from your own site, meaning what you see in the manual is exactly what you see on screen. This makes things much easier to manage.

The web site manual also grows over time. Rather than providing a generic 400-page manual at the start, we usually provide a short manual which includes the basics of how to log on, edit pages and upload documents. As the web site grows with new features, we update the manual to include steps on how to manage these as well.

On-going support, hosting and maintenance

Our business has been built on support and trust. Rather than provide one off builds of web sites, we would rather you stay with us for many years. This works better for you and for us.

For us, it means that we do not need to keep chasing new business. For you, it means you have someone to rely on, the same people who built your web site in the first place, if you need anything else. You are of course free to take your web site and host it elsewhere if you want to but if you did decide to host the site with us, we provide some additional benefits.

Web sites are like the software on your computer, they require regular updates and maintenance so we do all of this for you, all as part of the hosting package. We maintain the software, keep the virus scanner up-to-date, install firewall protection and run regular checks to ensure everything is working as it should.


  • Unlimited file and picture storage
  • Website search facility
  • Site Map
  • Integrated data base for the management of Councillors, committees, agendas and minutes
  • Events display on pages of your choice
  • Password protected areas
  • Bespoke design
  • Latest news feed on pages of your choice
  • Contact us page with spam-protected enquiry form
  • Links to social media accounts and / or integrated feeds
  • Google Analytics so you can measure the number of visitors to your site
  • SSL Certificate for added security
  • GDPR Compliant

Contact us

If you would like more information about us or how we might be able to help your parish with its web site, please get in touch.